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I Think I Love My Wife

Jan 11, 2021

In this episode (Stick to your guns), I continue my conversation with a guy who’s met his partner in Vegas while visiting from another country and examine his journey to marriage and fatherhood.

We talk about the male ego and when we need to check it. We discuss the attractiveness of women who can take charge and the importance of seeing your partner actively make an effort towards the things you ask for. We uncover the blessings that going through seasons early in a relationship can provide. We explain how personal issues can impact the way a man progresses in his relationship and the communication required to overcome. We share how some men deal with break up and view taking the necessary steps forward. We break down how the feeling of “knowing” you’re with the right person can trump some of the rigid rules we have, typical protocol we like to follow, and the desired data points we like to gather. We highlight how people are typically checking for things on the margin when it’s not an instant or automatic fit / connection. We wrap up with a discussion on balancing the time it takes to cultivate a strong foundation with the expected pace to get to commitment and exclusivity.

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